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(English) GO Launcher EX v4.15 beta3


三月 7, 2014 by admin



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  2. Karen说道:

    I’m not sure where to find the search feature for locating apps in the application drawer. Or for the Home screen display. Does that work on an 8″ tablet? GO contacts ex had stopped working in the last couple days. I uninstalled it before this beta. Now when I try to reinstall it the application page on play store says it’s not compatible with my Samsung Galaxy 3 8.0 tablet. It doesn’t work at all and crashes still on my Samsung Galaxy since I updated it from android 4.2 to 4.4. I’m getting more not compatible with Go launcher and Go locker themes on the tablet. But many work fine on the S4 phone.

    • Karen说道:

      Also getting message to update Go media manager when I click on the app in my dock. But I checked and I am using the lasted version on play store.

  3. Karen说道:

    Update, checked the Go handbook and found the search option. I just didn’t think to look in the lower left hand corner.

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