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(English) GO Launcher 5 has arrived!


五月 30, 2014 by admin



  1. sk md galib说道:

    what a launcher.!!!! what a interface.!!! Is very easy to use. smart screens are awsome. good launcher. everyone should try oh sorry must use it. thank you.

  2. Alfred说道:

    Please fix the Go Panels!

  3. Opreax说道:

    Nice, but please make GO shorts resizeable and make transparent themes for GO switch and GO calendar widgets, like GO weather did it.

  4. scoot说道:

    I have less than 1GB of ram and only 1 core processor and is very slow. The previous version was perfect and fast even without 3Dcore activated. Now the UI is cool but the performance is very bad. It needs lot of improvements and please, make it better for lowend terminals. It needs to be smooth, faster, less laggy and the folders take more than 2 seconds to open, and all the effects are laggy. Please fix it.

    Thank for your job.


  5. peter说道:

    I noticed the last few versions the blur effects don’t work even though the check the option for the app drawer background is clicked and now the folder background. It did work in one of the versions when I was able to turn off status bar transparency. Using galaxy s4 4.42

  6. Techbadger说道:

    Is there a way to turn off CORE in 5.

    I have a GO SMS Pro Widget then shows multiple messages on one screen that doesnt have an upgrade and wont display in core.

    I use it every day.

  7. Techbadger说道:

    Dont upgrade to 5!

    Lost my favorite Go SMS Pro full screen widget and keeps crashing Go Backup and a couple of my favorite non-GO widgets and CORE cant be disabled!

    Any they went of vacation this weekend, post an upgrade. Great support guys!

  8. Karen说道:

    Don’t like the new menu. Can’t use the menu themes anymore. Very slow now loading screens.

  9. scoot说道:

    The desingn and the idea is perfect but its make the phone very slow an laggy. The folders take too much for open since you press the icon.

    Galaxy S SCL

  10. Karen说道:

    Also there is no option to add system shortcuts. This is a must have. If I would have been included in the beta testing I could have reported this before you put out version 5.0

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