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(English) Invites to GO Launcher 5 Beta2 Program Have Been Sent


五月 20, 2014 by admin



  1. Nicole说道:

    Someone please send me an invite please to
    Thank you

  2. Waffel说道:

    Please can someone invite me?
    That would be great and the community will have a tester from Germany :)

  3. hanschke说道:

    how does I get the new apk if I was in beta 1? no email yet :(

  4. amer说道:

    please invite me

  5. Urvesh说道:

    Can someone please invite me…
    please thanks.

  6. cristian说道:

    Per favore mi mandate un invito

  7. Karen说道:

    Please invite me. Thanks

  8. tomioo说道:

    please invite me.thanks :)

  9. Alexis说道:

    Friends who invited me, I was in the beta1, alexis.cuadra @

  10. maerlyn说道:

    please, invite me…

  11. Chris说道:

    Hi Dan, would it be possible to receive an invite as well? Thank you!

  12. Waldir说道:

    Someone please send me an invite please to
    Thank you!

  13. Don说道:

    Anyone have any invites for beta 2 thank you

  14. Boris说道:

    Invite me please

  15. Elijah说道:

    Can I get an invite?

  16. mark race说道:

    my i get a invite to try Go Launcher 5

    Thank you

  17. maerlyn说道:

    Invite me please

  18. loni1978说道:

    Invite me pls

  19. pedja_pex说道:

    Please send on Thanks :)

  20. Muhammad Masab说道:

    Someone please send me an invite please to
    Thank you

  21. A. Eugene说道:

    Anyone who has beta 2 having problems with the speed dialer and calendar widgets page.

  22. Darek说道:

    I want too be part of beta test,

    Thank you

  23. Geert-Jan说道:

    Please invite me for the beta!!!!!

  24. Diana说道:

    Hi! How I can get the beta 2?. I am in the beta 1. Please, I really like this new version. I bought the prime expansion to get all the features. Please send me again. Thanks :-)

  25. TheMoller说道:

    Can i get an invite?

  26. rey说道:

    Can anyone send me an invite too please.

    Thanks in advance.

  27. amir说道:

    Plz invite mee

  28. Domie说道:

    Can someone please send me an invite?

    Thank you

  29. Domie说道:

    Please send invite to


  30. Ilya说道:

    Please, sent an invite

  31. Asier Gerri说道:

    Please send me an invite, thank u.

  32. sandy说道:

    hi…can someone please ivnite me at

  33. sxmxtvm说道:

    Please send me invite

  34. Desmo说道:

    Pls invite me ☺

  35. 5029说道:

    Please send me an invite, thanks

  36. 5029说道:

    Please, sent an invite

  37. Please send me an invitation.

  38. Kevin OConnell说道:

    Ide love an invite, would love to test the beta. OCONNELL.KOJO@GMAIL.COM

  39. andrew说道:

    thanks for this invitation , i want to report a bug related to various freeze crash when i try to add a GO widget ….
    when i go to add to screen > go widget the page go widget will showed but just with the indicators but no any icon of widgets and go launcher freeze …

    • admin说道:

      Dear Sir or Madam,

      I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.
      Can you tell me which widget happen this problem?
      and please tell me your phone models and system.

      Best Regards

  40. zenos说道:

    Please can someone invité me

  41. alessandro说道:

    please someone invite me

  42. C.J.说道:

    Please, send an invite?

  43. Omkar说道:

    Can anyone send me the invite? I really want to see new ui?

  44. M Vishnuvardhan Reddy说道:

    Please send me an invite….

  45. enhelgene说道:

    hi would u please give me invite

  46. Stony说道:

    Someone send me an invite please /


  47. rvd说道:

    Dear Go Launcher team,

    I love Go Launcher for a long time and i wil ask you for a invitation. Thank you!

  48. Gryme说道:

    Send me a invite for beta 2 please!

  49. Daniel说道:

    please send me an invite please :)

  50. Bimbrr说道:

    Feel free to share the wealth if any of you have a invite.

  51. Gillian说道:

    Can someone send me an invite please?

  52. Domie说道:

    Hello, can anyone invite me?
    Thank you

    22/05/2014 at pm 5:17
    Please send invite to

  53. riyan说道:

    Invite me please ,

  54. scoot说道:

    please invite me…

  55. Gina N说道:

    I would appreciate an invite please…

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